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Rock & Rose: Mind, body and business suites. We are located in charming Downtown Plainfield, IL. When starting on this business adventure, my goal was to create a place that feels like a “Home away from home” for my clients and other professional business owners. This beautiful 1910 home has been completely renovated, while still preserving as much as I could to keep the warm feel of coziness throughout the space . Rock & Rose offers a relaxing space where your mind, body and business can intertwine and flourish. 


Rock and Rose business suites. Wellbeing space for hire.

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    While I was working multiple part time jobs to make that happen, I decided that what I really wanted was to learn something new. I had recalled during my last pregnancy when a Massage Therapist had helped me out of some major Sciatica pain. She knew all the muscles in the body, how the muscles worked, and things I could do to help ease discomfort. I realized that I wanted to be just like her, a master of my own craft. The teacher in me wanted to learn more. I decided to take my first leap of faith and signed myself up at Cortiva School of Massage in 2015 and graduated in 2016. I worked for 4 years at two local chiropractic offices doing massages and picked up 3 other part time jobs to help support my family. I wanted to be there for all the important events for my kids and family but I found myself working 5 jobs right up until Covid hit. Unfortunately, I then lost all those 5 jobs due to everything being shut down. But what seemed like total devastation, truly became one of my biggest blessings. It came time to be able to work again and I realized that I can not go back to that. I was emotionally and physically exhausted and I didn’t even realize it. I wondered what would happen if I put all my energy into just one job I truly loved. While out driving errands one day I came across a banner that said “Salon Suites for rent”. I immediately pulled over and called the number for more information. And that was the beginning of the Body Mechanic Massage and Bodywork. My second big leap. Will my one job be enough to help support my family? What if no one comes? What if I fail at this after investing so much? Even though I was scared, I knew I needed to take the leap. If nothing changes, then nothing changes, right? And I needed a change. I needed the work/life balance that so many people speak and dream of. So, I made the decision to open my small business, a business focused on touch (which seems like a goofy thing to do during a pandemic), but I also knew that it’s just what people needed. I put all my focus and energy into my business for 2 years, created a schedule that allowed me to not miss any of my children’s games and I was able to spend as much time with my family as possible. I also created time to fit in the things that I knew I needed, such as taking walks and catching up with friends. Since creating this balance in my life, I came upon my 3rd big leap, a jump if you will. The creation of Rock & Rose Mind, Body and Business Suites. I wanted to open a space that would allow others to be able to follow their dreams and passions like I have. A place to be able to be their own boss, make their own schedule, do what they love, and love coming to work. My biggest hope for my dream is that everyone who walks into this house feels like they’re home. Feels like it's their own “home away from home”. Somewhere they are always able to be themselves, find some peace and comfort and are always welcomed back.

My name is Laura Wong.  I am the owner and founder of Rock & Rose Mind, Body and Business Suites and The Body Mechanic Massage & Bodywork. Creating a work environment and client space that fosters peace and relaxation has always been a dream of mine. I graduated from Eastern Illinois University with a Bachelor’s in Early Childhood and Special Education. After graduating, I went on to teach Special Education in the public school system for 6 years- I knew I was right where I was supposed to be. However, after the birth of my children, I decided I needed to spend the next years being present for them as much as possible. To me, that was working while they were in school, working while they were sleeping, so I could be there while they were awake and home...



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